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Lou N.

October 15, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

As a business owner you are working 24/7 and that puts a lot of stress on your health but being a 42 year old man you don't actually think about it. I sure didn't until one day in February. 

It was a normal week, making calls to my managers  to see how things are going. At the time my businesses were located in Indiana while I was living and working out of my house in Michigan. My wife was in Indiana training new employees and checking up on all the locations.

Then on the Friday, I woke up with a headache, I got up took a shower went downstairs made coffee and started my day. I made a few phone calls and had an issue with my management. After a few phone calls I told my manager, you deal with it I have a huge headache and I'm going to take the weekend off.

Saturday and Sunday came and went and my headache was getting worse. At this point I was sure it was a head cold and it would go away soon. 

Monday morning, I woke up and heard my teenage kids leave for school, it was around 7am and I still had the headache so I figured I'll sleep in a couple hours more. Around 10am I woke up, got out of bed and felt like something popped in my head and I started feeling dizzy. I sat dow for a few minutes then took a shower got dressed and went to the grocery store. My head was pounding, at times it was so bad my vision was blurry.

I got back home, called my wife to see how things are going and to tell her Happy Valentines Day. I didn't tell her about my headache. 

I started making dinner so when our kids got home we can eat. At this point I was sweating. I sat down until our kids came home, set the table and had a early dinner. My son notice how much pain I was in and said dad you need to go to the hospital. I told him if I don't get better in the next couple hours I'll go.

An hour later my son came into the kitchen and found me sitting on the floor in the corner sweating and shaking really bad. He called out to my daughter, they out me in the car and drove me to the emergency room. There they took me in immediately and did tests. The tests showed that I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. They transported me by ambulance to a hospital that better staffed for stroke victims. 

When I arrived there I was monitored closely then move to ICU where I spent 3 days in before being transferred to a regular room. The neurologist told me that if I waited another hour I would be in a coma or dead, that I was a very lucky man. I had no physical or mental issues resulting from the stroke. I was in the hospital recovering for 3weeks. My life completely changed. I would not be able to continue to operate my business if I wanted to live. I was in such a bad place, worrying how I'm going to take care of my family, how I'm going to pay for college for all 3 kids which my oldest was in a university at the time. How am I going to support them, my wife and I's future, our plans. It all went to hell.

This caused me to get very depressed especially when I sold all the businesses and now I was feeling like nothing. I didn't show my pain, I put a smile on when someone was around me.

I fought with this feeling for 4 years until one morning I got up and said, the stroke took away slot from me but it can't take my life or my family so I am a winner a survivor and I should pick my head up and move forward.

Its now been almost 5 years since my stroke. I still fight with depression but won't let it take over. I am looking to get back to work but not as a business owner but as an employee. It's a big change but I am strong enough to overcome it and be successful in other ways. I have a beautiful wife who stood by me in good and bad times and never gave up on me, and I have 3 wonderful children that have finish college and are working in their careers they chose. I am a very proud father and my family is my biggest success!




Lou-congratulaitons on being a stroke survivor.  I am also a survivor of stroke and brain anerysum.  Going on now 10 years.  Staying positive and always seeing the breight side of things and a very strong family to help me through.  I how I made it.

Lou, congrations! You ARE a survivor.  My husband, 49, had an ischemic stroke last year. He does not consider himself a survivor, cannot find anything to live for-not even our two young children, and just wants to die.  Do you have any tips or encouragement that I can pass on to him?  He is still in PT/OT and we've tried pool therapies, some support groups and trying to find the right counselor to fit his needs. I'm looking into wheelchair tennis, a former passion of his, to get his spark back.   I admire your resilience and determination to move forward in life in a positive manner.  God bless!


I had a stroke on July 29, 2014 at about 10:30pm driving home from work. The left side of my face went numb and I thought my left hand was my moms then I realized she was home and I past out woke up corrected my truck past out again  then I passed out again and then when I woke up I fix my truck again and then I passed out for the third time and when I woke up my truck was off Rudin and I passed out and I put my truck inside of the utility trailer . It happened so fast I couldn't even react to it. When I woke up I saw that I have blood all over my face I realize I had crashed my truck I try to talk my tellers release my mouth  I had my daughter on speaker phone and I had my phone in the cupholder she heard something but she didn't hear the crash and she couldn't understand me when I was trying talk to her because my time was losing my mouth I knew what I was trying to say I just couldn't say it and then I passed back out woke back up and saw a firefighter in the trailer with me he was in the trailer I was still in my truck  he was a friend of mine and my husbands and then a pastel will back up so the firefighters that I knew and they had me on the board they finally got me out of my truck that was inside the trailer still and then I woke up in the back of the ambulance and I told him my symptoms never run start yelling stroke stroke stroke in the back of the ambulance  and then when I woke up again we were in route to the hospital I passed back out or back up in the ER doctor said that he skin my whole body and I manage not to break a single Boone and I nodded my head yes like OK and then I passed back out and then when I woke back up the doctor told me that I was going to go to sleep and take a little ride in the helicopter and go to  The hospital that was Mark able to help me and I remember the medic on the helicopter talking to me pass back out woke back up in Christiana Hospital in new arc Delaware two hours away from home my husband was there apparently they took me in the operating room right and they  where they ran a catheter from my right inner thigh to my carotid artery he and my neck up to my brain to get rid of the clot I didn't even know they had done that 60s later I went to a rehabilitation center so I could learn how to walk again and hopefully get and hopefully get the use of my left hand again I did start to walk again without a cane and took months for my hand to be able to start moving the whole time it was paralyzed I could feel it I just couldn't move it. I have pictures of the car accident

Congrats on selling your business.  That must have been very difficult for you!  You should be very proud of your wife and kids who stuck with you during this terrible time.  I has my stroke 8 years ago and am still trying to get back to my NEW business.

i suffered a hemorrhage in April2015. Had a terrible headache, stood up , and felt the same sort of pop you describe. Congratulations on your recovery and thanks for sharing your story. I marvel at how you continued to function after the stroke, I was completely out of it.

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