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Catherine B.

August 17, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

I was 53 years old, single and a very active independent woman when my stroke occurred in December 2012. I was a charismatic Concierge for a hotel and really enjoyed my job! My position allowed me to help people and create a great experience for guests which I loved doing! I was at work and had no warning signs of a stroke (I thought). I just felt like my right leg was a little bit heavy. I thought to myself, heart attack? I took an aspirin at lunch time.  I worked my eight hour shift then I went to Urgent Care after work. Urgent Care sent me immediately to the emergency room, once there they thought maybe I was having a TIA (mini stroke). The Dr. said they wanted to keep me overnight to run tests and check everything out.  The following morning when I woke up, I learned that I had a full stroke! The stroke was on the left side of my brain which weakens the right side of your body.  No one in my family ever had a stroke, I was the first. Upon learning that information I was taken back a bit because I was unaware of what a stroke entailed. The following night I had a talk with God.  I told Him that I knew Him and that His word said He is a healer.  I decided to stand on His word and believe that he would heal me. He said that He would heal me 100%. So from that point, each and everyday I remained positive and encouraged daily.  I decided I was not going to let a stroke be the end of my story. It was not going to stop me from the goals I was pursuing  before the stroke. I was taken to Mt Carmel West Stroke Rehabilitation Center.  The doctors there told me that therapy would be the only way to recover.  I decided to make physical and occupational therapy my way of life.  A month later I started therapy twice a week. I only had Speech Therapy for 2 months. My face had a slight droop and my cognitive skills had improved to good.  I was determined to do every exercise I was instructed to do at home.  I was starving for more information.  It was important that I understood what happen to my brain and body. I was informed about a brain study and rehabilitation for people who had a stroke at OSU. I am now walking with no assistant from a cane. I'm using my right arm 80% of the time. I hope my testimony will help others and bring about stroke awareness.


Life is good and getting better daily!!

Thank you

Thank you very much for the story.

I believe you stated that left-side of your brain has been affected.

My father recently suffered a stroke and just like you, his left side of the brain has been affected (which led to "impairment" on the right side of his body, including his ability to speak, intake information, and express outwardly. 

Thanks to the daily physical therapy routine, he can almost walk and use his right arm (probabably at 70% of the pre-stroke level).

If you don't mind, may I know your initial symptom, specifically related to speech and understanding?

My father is the smartest man that I know and it pains me deeply that he can't speak.

It's been more than three weeks now, but relative to the motor skill improvement, he hasn't shown HUGE improvement in speech yet.

I help him with his homework, but sometimes, he misses on simple questions.

May I ask how severe your symptom was after the stroke, specifically related to the speech and understanding? 

Do you have any advice as to how he can improve his speech/understanding?


Thank you!!!!

I had a stroke 8 years ago and had a similiar situation.  In the years that followed, I tried Acupuncture, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Traditional speech therapy, Massage, Electrical Brain Stimulation, Visual Stimulation, Daily Exercises, Flash cards, Aphasia clinics, Experimental Research studies, On-Line Cognitive flexibility therapy, Online writing classes, Distance walking and Luminosity.  They all helped a little, but I still struggled with my language...even after 8 years.  

But then I found someone 6 months ago who had a dramatic effect on my language.    If you are interested, call and I will tell you more:  503 305 8722 

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