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Sade M.

March 31, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

At the time I was 23 years old. After having my daughter November 2, 2012, less than a week after she was born I became ill from pneumonia. My right lung completely filled with fluid and, the left was on its way there also. It was about nine o’clock when I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and the only thing I could do was to pray to see me daughter grow up. I felt my breathing slow down and I went to sleep, but little did I know that I had stopped breathing for a minute. I felt tiny pinching on my wrist and woke up to a room full of doctors nurses and a crash cart. The doctors were all talking to me and pricking my wrists to ensure my body was getting enough oxygen but it wasn’t. I was so terrified at this point, all I could do was cry and pray. Then a few minutes of constant questions I was rushed to the ICU. They contacted my father and told him I Almost didn’t make it. After spending a week in the hospital I was release. The next day I went to for a follow up doctor’s appointment and found out I was in heart failure*( Ejection fracture at this point was 5%). I had know idea what was going on. Once in the hospital my doctors told me to call me my family to tell them I love them because my situation (my heart) was very bad at the time, plus still recovering from pneumonia was going to be very hard. After a week of constant 24hour monitoring, I was able to come home with a laundry list of medication (15 different medications). I thought I would be out of the woods but little did I know I had to be taken back to the hospital because my heart still not were it needed to be. I was released after four days of monitoring. I came home that night and cuddled my newborn daughter so tight I though. At the time really thought I would be out of the woods. The next morning I woke up in sheer pain. My right hip and lung felt like they were going to explode. After talking to my husband about the pain, he called the doctors right away and noticed that I was not talking right and not carrying myself right. I seen the fear in his eye but, at that time I was completely confused.  Once making it to the hospital the nurses told me that I was going to be ok and that I would be home the next day. Little did I know the next morning I woke up to be told that I had a stroke. Specifically eight mini strokes called TIA strokes. At this time I could not move the right side of my face, tongue, barely speak, I could not see out of the right side of my right eye, my finger tips on my right hand were so numb I couldn't feel myself holding a fork or spoon.  I found also it very hard to put words to my thought without it sounding like gibberish. Two weeks after recovering I was sent home and ever since then I have been working hard to make sure that I would be the only one that I know to go through something like this.. Life is very precious don’t take it for granted. Educate your self about your health.

Faces of Stroke Follow-Up: 

Its been Almost three years since I have had my stroke and I am now 26 years old. At first I found it to be very depressing for someone my age to be going through all of my health issues, but I used that energy to ensure that I would face all of the thing I would like to accomplish.  I am now a stronger mother, and women. By going through my strokes gave me the courage to fight. I have went back to school, and I have one more semester befor I recieve my Associates Degree int business administration, and I plan on not stopping there. This whole experiace has taught me to not take life for granted and to live every day as if tomorrow isn't promised wisely. I hope that my story can help other mothers out their trying to get through these hard times. You can do it! DON'T GIVE UP!


On October 13,2015 I had a STROKE  and surivived.

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