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Mike V

February 18, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

To Whom it May Concern
Neriological conditions are sometimes not only the most difficult conditions to deal with inside,but to the friends and family of the patients the most difficult to recognize,appreciate or in some instances believed.Be it a stroke survivor,traumactic brain injury,or early dementia patient the adjustment required sometimes permanent are painful.The people on the outside often scoff at the severity or in some cases the authenticity of their friends condition.Remember this is the same person youve known/loved over the years.They need your love support and caring now more than any point in their lives.Speaking from personal experience how one feels from one day to another can be 180 degrees.They are not slighting you or avoiding you they are truly in a bad way in most times a delibating way.It is imperative to subjicate your own wants desires or good times for the benefit and well being of a friend.It is the highest form of love and support one can show and the survivor will forever be grateful.Be kind patient understanding.if plans are made they can always be remade.Manytimes one is afraid to make a date or an excursion because of that physical uncertainly and will many times be reluctant to make plans because of that for fear of disapointing angering or worrying the person.i can't count the times I have felt like that when planning a lunch date or a ball game then feeling horrible with that cancelling call saying the words "hey buddy ,I am having a bad day can we do it another time? Try to be sensitive supportive.
Mike Vasconcellos 16 year stroke survivor

Faces of Stroke Follow-Up: 

I have a friend who has a traumactic brain  trauma with symptoms similiar tto a stroke survivor dizzy fatigue etc.She had an experience with a close friend who doubted the seriousness and perhaps authenticity when she had to cancel an engagement.It put me back to some of the emotions i had when i had to cancel So i posted this comment to stick up for my friend as i started writing i saw the value of this message. When I posted I got comments from some of my survivor frieends about similiar experiences.So I thought I would send this to you guys to spread the word on this silent underpublicized effect.TY I belong to a stroke group at Tracy Sutter Hospital in Tracy CA moderated by Laura Cook. 

TYSM for your hard work Mike Vasconcellos


 I was interested to read your story. I have had 9 strokes, all different and many mini strokes. With some I have been hospitalised, with some I have been unconscious for hours. With one I lost my hearing, which is devastating, and my balance is still a problem, also my memory. I feel useless. How do other people get on I wonder?

How are you?

Spot on! I am a 10 yr stroke survivor. All I can say is we all need to stick together! Way to go Mike V !

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